Friday, December 5, 2008

Trying To Say All That Lies Within

Life begins an unusual trend,
From the start, till the end,
Have been trying to live tall,
But things eventually get a downfall,

Silence does mean a lot,
I’ve been so silent for all that thought,
Loosing everything for what I fought,
But there is something dear that I’ve lost,

A need for change I began to feel,
All these cuts & so many burns to heal,
I’ve been trying to say all that’s within,
But all I manage to give is a grin,

This negativity has placated my mind,
My emotions are the ones I’m bind,
Tried to say all that’s on my mind,
But consequences are all that I can define,

Pain & remorse have been my friends,
They keep pushing me from all ends,
Tried to own all this torture I go through,
But I feel weak; I know it’s true

You’ve been my thought; you’ve been my strength
,You’ve been the one I’d always depend,
Tried to tell you all this truth,
But all along I was afraid to loose you,

Read my mind, read these tears,
Read these lines of despair my dear
,I’ve tried to tell all that lies within,
But you never asked me why I grinned?

-copied on site:)
-credits goes to the author

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