Saturday, December 6, 2008

If only you knew....

you look at me so close
I wonder what’s inside your thought..
I smile, as I stared back at you
Then suddenly, you get confused..

I said… ”what’s the matter?”
You answered…” nothing..”
Then I started to laugh at you..
And you quickly get excuse…

Sitting beside you,
my eyes begin to sight
that each time I speak up..
you can’t help, but look me into my eyes…

as I mingled with other peers,
I know your staring back,
And when I start to leave,
You begin to shout.. ”hey...wait up!”

As we walked along the way,
I’ve notice you want to say something,
But till we reached our house..
Still you said nothing….

I don’t understand..
Why you acted that way,..
We’ve been friends for a long time..
What happened, what’s wrong my dear friend?..

I heard news that you decided to leave
Far from our town, far from me..
You don’t even say a word..
Even “Goodbye”,. That’s what I feared.

I cried the day you go,
Especially when I’ve got this message
A text from you that day.. it says
“ see u n tym, wen I alredi hav a guts to tell you how I feel
….jst be hapi bes.. l love you..”

If only I knew…
I will hold you back and never let you go…
because..."I love you too bes.."
but you too never knew...=,(


MaMORoE said...

thx for folloiwng my blog
nice blog also
thx a lot again


Anonymous said...

cnu ba
'to ate??!!
share k nman!!

by d way,
ang ganda ah!!

2loi mo yan


MaMORoE said...

thx a lot
thx foe every single comment
sayang nga
kc iba ung guy na gus2 nia
hindi ako
hindi rin nia alam na pra sakanya ung blog ko
maganada din ung blog moh
mukang inspired ka din
geh thx a lot again
for everyting
advance merry xmas nadin