Sunday, November 2, 2008

To my beloved "Nanay"...

I will never forget you...

We have different stories, and each story has a different character that plays a special role in our lives. Everyone has its purpose and importance; their existence cannot be replaced or compared to anyone.

In my life, I valued and appreciate all the people I met. Each has its own importance and contribution to who I am right now. But there is one person that means a lot to me… the person I will never forget.

I used to be with her, she’s my mentor, fan, adviser… my comforter…my “Nanay”… my one and only grandma, My Dad’s mom who already passed away.

When I was young this woman had become my 2nd mom… she bring and fetch me up after school, I can still remember how often we walked together, she make sure to buy anything I want, that time when the only thing I know was to eat and play. I don’t even appreciate her effort, those simple things she did to make me happy.
We used to be together, she’s always on my side when I need her. She hugs me tight when I cried, and she open her arms when I run to her each time my mom scold me. She laughs when I danced, though I’m not good at it. She’s my best friend and the best grandma in the whole world.

Her pale, wrinkled face those shaking-tired hands and her soft lips as she smiles go to be unnoticed. It’s a remark that this woman has no longer getting young, that time when I realized this… it’s already too late.

Regret and frustrations conquered me each time I remember how I missed the opportunity to tell her how thankful I am for everything. If only I can turn back the time and be with her again, I will do anything she wish for, I’ll take care of her and make sure to be on her side wherever she go. I’d like to pay back all what she had been done for me. If only I could, I definitely would.

The happy times and simple things that we shared, makes me long for my childhood days, were toys can be put away, but let my dear grandma stay. I know this will never happen, but she will be forever kept here in my heart, wherever I go, whatever I do. She’s a part of me, and the person I will never ever forget, till eternity.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paano na?

masakit isipin, na sa kabila ng lahat ng ating pinagsamahan,
sa mga simpleng asaran at tampuhan, lagi tayo nagdadamayan,
ngunit bakit kailangang sa bandang huli, paalam ang katapusan...?
paano na ang lahat ng bagay na ating iniingatan?

ang mga sandaling lagi tayong nagtatawanan..
ang walang humpay mung banat ng kalokohan,
halos di matapos ang oras, sa haba ng kwentuhan,
napapawi ang pagod na ating pinagdaanan..

ang bawat sakit at luha, sayo ko binubuhos,
kahit minsan paulit-ulit nalang ang unos
lagi ka nandyan para sakin at sa iba,
pero di ko nakita ang tunay mong halaga....

kapag malungkot ako, nandyan ka para mang-inis
kahit minsan masakit, "sige lang, ikaw kasi!"
kapag wala ka para akong may sakit,..
di ako makangiti, lagi akong masungit...

ikaw ang nagturo sakin maging masaya,
binago mo ang takbo ng mundo ko sakanya
ang dati kong sarili hindi ko na makita,
"iba na ko..." salamat sayo ha!!"

alam kong hindi tama, ang nararamdaman ko.
batid kong, kaibigan lang ako para sayo...
pero hindi ko naman ito ginusto,

Paano na?

Paano na nga ba tayo??

ayokong mawala ka, pero di naman pwedeng maging tayo
maaari bang manatili ka lang..bilang kaibigan ko..
at pag dumating ang araw na kaya ko na pakawalan ka..
iwan mo ko, pero wag mo kalimutan ang lahat pwede ba?

ps. para sa isang taong minahal ko, ngunit kaibigan lang ako sakanya..
salamat sa lahat, sa pag-intindi, at pagdamay,...
" pangako...magiging masaya ako..para sayo.."---vhyne

i am but a clown..

i often remember the moments we share,
i still can't forget the smile and your stare
how i wish i can go back the time... i will.
and never let you go!..i would rather be still.

i love it when you laugh, when i crack jokes,
no matter how stupid or corny it may looks,
the way you smile at me and tell me..."You're so cute"..
it makes me feel heaven, but then i reply.."Asus! etchoes!"

You have no idea, how you mean to me,
i persume you don't know how i used to be,
for you I am but a clown, but deep within me..
is a wouded crying lady,... wishing to be free...

this mask that i wear, will soon be forget,
but the good times we share, are yours to kept.
i maybe a clown..that seems to be always happy...
but its only you..who can make it all...reality...

Please peel the cover that your eyes can see
cause, what within me is my real identity,
in this carnival world of magical stories,
the actor and actresses would be YOU and ME..
PS. sa isang taong...lagi kong pinapatawa,
ewan ko ba, kung bakit gusto kita,
kahit wala ka na.. lagi mo tatandaan..
naging masaya ako,.. at nakilala kita..
sana mas maging maligaya ka sa kanya...
nga pla, salamat sa lahat ha..^_^----fallenheart---

wHy Do ThEsE tEaRs FaLL?

Every night before i close my eyes to sleep
my thoughts are hunted with your memories
the time when we were together has faded
leaving me bruise, hurt, lying like a coma patient.

Those sweet times, laughter and confessions
friendly get together that seems like a deepest possession
of how much love we kept like a forbiden question,
will you and I can fall to the love passion?

These tears are keep falling down my blush.
with all the heartaches i wanted to flush,
if only you can open you heart for last,
and let me take an empty part of your past.

But how can it happen if you don't see
these feelings i have for you are glee,
is there any chance for us to be free?
and follow our hearts to what they wanted us to be...

im tired for all the crying times...
the water in me runs out in flood,
im dying inside losing my blood,
without you beside me...Oh! please help me God!!

Why do these tears fall?..down in my face?
this love i had was never been fake..
you are my friend but it should be more than that,
I Love You...with all my heart,...
so please come back....