Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Christmas Tree..

in the silence of the night,
with the twingkling of the lights,
our house filled with love,
as we made this picture above,
Our Christmas Tree..
this yultide season,
brings joy and peace..
it delighted my heart
and forget all my fears..
every time i look,
to the beauty of this tree..
it reflects my family,
and God as the star on it..
no matter what troubles,
trails or frustration,
we surpass them all..
as one family..
we remain strong
and keep on moving on
with the love and respect
we build this tree..
and it will be forever,
though this season ends..
remains still..forever..
-its the meaning of Christmas to..
to celebrate it with love and peaceful heart,
with our love ones-fallenheart-


MaMORoE said...

thx a lot...
di ko akalain na may makakaaprx8 ng ginawa ko
your blog is good too
tama ka nga
sensitive ako
dahil kc sa pagibig
umiiyak ako..
siguro nga mahina ako
salamat ulet


runawaysoul said...

thanx again
i think your right
but she dont like me
she love other guy
thx a lot again miss vhyne
naaprex8 ko lahat ng cnv moh