Sunday, November 2, 2008

To my beloved "Nanay"...

I will never forget you...

We have different stories, and each story has a different character that plays a special role in our lives. Everyone has its purpose and importance; their existence cannot be replaced or compared to anyone.

In my life, I valued and appreciate all the people I met. Each has its own importance and contribution to who I am right now. But there is one person that means a lot to me… the person I will never forget.

I used to be with her, she’s my mentor, fan, adviser… my comforter…my “Nanay”… my one and only grandma, My Dad’s mom who already passed away.

When I was young this woman had become my 2nd mom… she bring and fetch me up after school, I can still remember how often we walked together, she make sure to buy anything I want, that time when the only thing I know was to eat and play. I don’t even appreciate her effort, those simple things she did to make me happy.
We used to be together, she’s always on my side when I need her. She hugs me tight when I cried, and she open her arms when I run to her each time my mom scold me. She laughs when I danced, though I’m not good at it. She’s my best friend and the best grandma in the whole world.

Her pale, wrinkled face those shaking-tired hands and her soft lips as she smiles go to be unnoticed. It’s a remark that this woman has no longer getting young, that time when I realized this… it’s already too late.

Regret and frustrations conquered me each time I remember how I missed the opportunity to tell her how thankful I am for everything. If only I can turn back the time and be with her again, I will do anything she wish for, I’ll take care of her and make sure to be on her side wherever she go. I’d like to pay back all what she had been done for me. If only I could, I definitely would.

The happy times and simple things that we shared, makes me long for my childhood days, were toys can be put away, but let my dear grandma stay. I know this will never happen, but she will be forever kept here in my heart, wherever I go, whatever I do. She’s a part of me, and the person I will never ever forget, till eternity.

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~fallenheart~ said...

i cried each time i read this... i still wish that my lola could hear me... sooo sad...=,( but i know she's watching over me... she's my angel...