Saturday, November 1, 2008

i am but a clown..

i often remember the moments we share,
i still can't forget the smile and your stare
how i wish i can go back the time... i will.
and never let you go!..i would rather be still.

i love it when you laugh, when i crack jokes,
no matter how stupid or corny it may looks,
the way you smile at me and tell me..."You're so cute"..
it makes me feel heaven, but then i reply.."Asus! etchoes!"

You have no idea, how you mean to me,
i persume you don't know how i used to be,
for you I am but a clown, but deep within me..
is a wouded crying lady,... wishing to be free...

this mask that i wear, will soon be forget,
but the good times we share, are yours to kept.
i maybe a clown..that seems to be always happy...
but its only you..who can make it all...reality...

Please peel the cover that your eyes can see
cause, what within me is my real identity,
in this carnival world of magical stories,
the actor and actresses would be YOU and ME..
PS. sa isang taong...lagi kong pinapatawa,
ewan ko ba, kung bakit gusto kita,
kahit wala ka na.. lagi mo tatandaan..
naging masaya ako,.. at nakilala kita..
sana mas maging maligaya ka sa kanya...
nga pla, salamat sa lahat ha..^_^----fallenheart---

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