Saturday, November 1, 2008

wHy Do ThEsE tEaRs FaLL?

Every night before i close my eyes to sleep
my thoughts are hunted with your memories
the time when we were together has faded
leaving me bruise, hurt, lying like a coma patient.

Those sweet times, laughter and confessions
friendly get together that seems like a deepest possession
of how much love we kept like a forbiden question,
will you and I can fall to the love passion?

These tears are keep falling down my blush.
with all the heartaches i wanted to flush,
if only you can open you heart for last,
and let me take an empty part of your past.

But how can it happen if you don't see
these feelings i have for you are glee,
is there any chance for us to be free?
and follow our hearts to what they wanted us to be...

im tired for all the crying times...
the water in me runs out in flood,
im dying inside losing my blood,
without you beside me...Oh! please help me God!!

Why do these tears fall?..down in my face?
this love i had was never been fake..
you are my friend but it should be more than that,
I Love You...with all my heart,...
so please come back....

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