Tuesday, August 17, 2010

♥ P A S O A ♥

Being the smallest student Organization under the CCS Department, and having only 7 all girls Officers!... WE Made it! and Were so proud of it!...this plaque was dedicated to our mentors Mrs. Yolanda Garcia, and Mrs. Sanny De Lara... also with the help of Ms. Carla Ednave and All the BSOA Students and Alumni...PASOA RULES!!!!.....

~i sooo love this Org!.. ^_^

~a year of service worth it! thank you for those who we've been working with, and those who bring us down... you just bring out the best in us, and give us strength to prove ourselves! thanks a lot :)

Although, we are all girls...i truly admire how we worked together as a TEAM, i guess the secret of being a good leader is not to demand and be and authority all the time, its how you manage to build not just leadership, but most especially friendship..and for us PASOA we call it SISTERHOOD.. :)

Respect, Trust and Love- 3 words that rules in our hearts...

~Thank You for making my last year at college a memorable one!.. i will cherish every moment i had with all of you.... and as what i always told you.... im just around whenever you need me.

~i will miss you guys... :) ♥♥♥ and I LOVE YOU ALL....

Till we meet again....

Divina Flores Tinagan
BSOA Student
Columban College Inc.

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