Friday, February 12, 2010

on ♥ V ♥Day!.. my heart get broke.... *sighs*

i avoid him for no reason at all.. :,(
i let him go, for this is all i know.... :,(
i get down and cry, feel sorry for all
my heart breaks, "ouch!" hurts!
his with me, im with him
but our world parted far beyond this horizon
can't find my way to get next to him
we both build a wall, can't pass its barrier..

I want to be with him, that all i wish... but i can no longer do this, for we both know its not right, i hate to feel this.. his the only man i ever loved, and the only reason why i still fight...Now, he wantme to give up! all the heartache i feel inside, how can i survive this torments he cause me to feel, im suffering in pain! its a hell vain! He once said
"mahahanap mu din ung para sayo, basta nandito lang ako " damn it!!!!... i don't understand what he's trying to say, my heart shout... "mahal kita!!! ... pero ayoko na!..." but his deaf......... and im mute to let him hear it... =,(

V Day...???? id rather call it... Vain Day..

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