Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I FeLt PitY oN yOu...!

"sOMeTyms A fAlsE infOrMAtiON can fINd Out wHO we Are"...-BUt it soMEhow oPEned OuR EyeS To ThE REal IdeNTity OF a pErsON.... I NevEr rEgrET The DeCIsiON I maKE, BecAusE ItZ a LoT MoRE haRDer tO ConTInuE BeInG dEAFt to thE TalKZ of A sTupID jErK.. whO CaN't evEN aPPreCiaTE WhaT U diD.. DeY'r Jst a WaSTe OF tiME! I waS NOt mAD... MOre oN DisSApPOiNTeD..and i FElt PiTy oN DEM!!!

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