Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Dreamland...

In a dreamland were everything happens,
where the two of us are the main character
we build a fantasy that in love, all is fair..
you and me in the land of friendship and love affair..

With the sweetiest smile we offer
a souviner to kept forever,
treasured in my heart
those times we spent together...

but as i woke up from this dream
i realized you weren't there
my cell beeps and its you
in another land where we share...

i love the feeling of being with you
though we both know, its not true..
You are there, I am here
behind my pc where i just stare...

your laughter in my ears
are like music i long to hear
how i wish there is Godmother
that will grant me to be with you forever..

my froggie...
kissed me goodnight
as we started to dwell the light...
behind those start at night...

i kissed my frog prince
to come to life.....
my froggie
in a dreamland
can we stay
happily ever after?
dedicated: to my froggie...
its the princess in the dreamland..
hope you like it...^_^

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